Updates --  New for Nov 21, 2000

Yes,  Dragon Factory is Shipping!  It is US$80 plus shipping.  CDs ship out twice weekly.  Click here to order.

Update: 0011.21

     I have some new pics on the Project Pics pages, which have been renamed to Product Info, so it's more clear exactly what the heck they are.  The new pictures show the bending capabilities of the tails and necks, as requested by Crescent.

     And did I forget to mention that Coldrake made some cool dragons?  You can see them in the Gallery!

Update: 0010.17

     The legs have been remapped to get rid of the spherical distortions.  Grab them at the downloads page.

Update:  0009.24

    Did I mention Dragon Factory won the Editor's Choice award for it's Internet Eye review?  :)  

    New Downloads:   I fixed the Mz-SpkFrnt morph for the Snake Head.  I also figured out how to fix the Croc Head Membrane weirdness, though I haven't figured out how to best distribute the fix yet.  You can read a do-it-yourself fix at the No BS page.
     Also: I have posted the Square Head bump map I used for Scar.  And four handy hand poses to start your collection.  (Please donate more, if you make any! :) )


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Old Update Stuff for Nostalgia Buffs!  (Read bottom to top for hilarious antics of the creation of Dragon Factory ;) )

Product: Dragon Factory
Code Name: FoD (A Flight of Dragons)
Original Production
Schedule Estimate:
11 weeks
Second Production
Schedule Estimate:
18 weeks
Current Schedule:
     (24 weeks)
Actual: 31 weeks
Phase I:
est: 12 weeks actual: 20 weeks
Phase II:
est: 7 weeks actual: 7 weeks
Phase III:
est: 5 weeks actual: limited to 4 weeks
Current Release Date: August 28, 2000
(prognosis for meeting deadline:  late again!!)

update 0009.02

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
click me click me click me!

update 0008.21

  so where is it????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  argh!  okay, the cd is at the manufacturing plant right now.  they say it should be about 7 days, if they don't have a big backlog of cd-roms to do...
   also, the final price has been set!  and what is it?  80 bucks, us dollars.  shipping will be 2$ for north america; 4$ for overseas.  and lucky massachusetts residents get to pay 4 bucks in sales tax :/

   i found some new boo-boos to list on the no-bs page.  however, i've fixed most of them, and the files are avaialble to download. see the no-bs page to get them.

update 0008.05

   holy shmagolies, did i put a REAL date in the release date slot!?  it's still only firm, but not solid.  sign up to the list to be informed the minute i know exactly WHEN you can get it and HOW MUCH it will cost.  it's still slated between 75-100 dollars, but the final manufacturing and distribution scheme hasn't been worked out yet.
   meanwhile, the mac conversion is proceeding this weekend.  the final cds should be in my hot little hands between wednesday and friday.  by the 11th, i should be ready to ship it out for manufacture, which won't take more than a week, i expect.

   there were a few last minute discoveries of problems that will not be fixed in the original release.  you can find a list of them in the no-bs page.  nothing truly fatal, but i'm a stickler for details.

update 0007.30

   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!  okay, i'm not done!  poser degenerated some of my props... but i fixed those, and kept poser from doing it again.  now i can't figure out why the stupid left eyelids won't weld together, even though the right eyelids are working perfectly fine.  somebody shoot me...

     one day 'til the end of july!  now don't get excited, it won't be long now...  in two days, things are gonna be finalized, ready or not.  then it's just a technical matter of making the cds and the order forms.

  oh!  and be sure to read the contract and the usage and distribution files for information and legal junk about your future favore product... ;)  (go on, it won't be that bad, i promise!)

update 0007.25

   okay, i'm done this time!  except for...  updating the web site, finishing the manual, doing one last tileable texture set, setting up my kagi account, writing the usage/license agreement, and... getting some textures made, getting the mac version going, and getting a cd manufacturer/distributor OR getting a passel burned and distributing them myself.

   SOON! :)

update 0007.23

well... technically, i'm done.  don't celebrate yet, though; i gotta finish up the testing phase.  so far, things are going badly.  i ran into a problem with the full body morphs... however, it seems to be a glitch with poser and not my files, so there's really nothing i can do about it. :/

     i finished up all the nice thumbnails for my figures and props. they're so pretty! :)  i have to test out the props real quick, and make sure all the texture templates are right... that's pretty much it, though i have other stuff going, such as a mac conversion, and cd manufacturing stuff.  (how long i got 'til the end of july...?)

     okay, i've created the trans maps (all 2 of them), and updated the manual -- check out the props index.

update: 0007.04

     well, i emptied out my startup menu and stuck amorphium in it, so every five minutes or so when it crashed and i hadda re-start, it popped up automatically, and i could pick up where i left off. (or at least where i last saved!)  now, the morphs for the heads are DONE.  finito.  i ain't doing no more! :)  er, well, i wanted to do some symmetrical versions of the asymmetrical morphs.  anyway, my list shows about 86 head morphs for each.  you can see a sample on the morph pics page.

     now i have to re-constitute the hi-res heads, transfer the morphs, finish that up... then try to bring the legs into amorphium.  hmmm... that morph target mirror utility would be handy here, but i can't get it to read ANY of my files.  after that, there are some amorphium morphs for the bodies i want to try, if i have time.  other than that, and a once-over to check everything, it'll be a wrap.  for the *easy* stuff anyway.  i gotta figure out the biz-nezz junk, still.

update: 0006.23

   new calculations show i can't possibly be done before the end of july, with more than 22 days of morphing still to get through.  i want to make a firm commitment to this date, however, so i will start cutting things from the project if i have to.  these 'things' will most likely be some morphs, and a few props that i wanted to do, but still haven't gotten done yet.  (they will appear as freebies, later.)  

   the magnet morphs and RDD morphs for all the heads are done.  Now if Amorphium will cooperate, i can do those morphs.  of course, it would help if i actually had any room on my hard drives to put these new morphs, so i can apply them!  to do that, i need some reliable backups.  my cd-rw backups all flaked out, so i need some new ones.
     meanwhile, i did some more work on the manual (the anatomy index: check it out to see pics of the final models).

update: 0006.18

Disaster #86:  i'm SO smart: i have the same head geometry for the hi res and lo res heads (only the eyes are different), so i can make morphs on one and swap them with morph manager.  but for SOME reason, the hi-res head jaws would shatter with their morphs.  ARGH!  i tried everything i could think of... replacing the jaw in compose left a gaping seam, exporting from poser seemed to be what was causing the jaw to be improperly ordered.  heck, i even went into the obj file with word pad and tried copying and pasting the dumb jaw f's!
     finally, i came to my senses and just asked on the poser tech group.  jeffh set me straight -- instead of replacing the hi-res jaw with the lo-res jaw, just replace the lo-res eyes with the hi-res eyes and save THAT as the new hi-res thingy... anyway, it worked!  thanks, jeff!  DISASTER AVERTED! :)

     check the pics page for some morph images.

update: 0006.10

Disaster #85:  okay, so i trashed all the round head morphs, i split the eyelids to be posable, i excised the old eyelids and replaced the all with new eyelids (thank goodness for compose!) AND joined all the vertices of the head and jaw, independantly.  now everything works happily in amorphium.
    then i start making magnet morphs on the croc head, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a gaping seam between the back of the jaw and the head.  ARGH!  i check the other heads.  fortunately, all are fine, except the spoonbill, which has a gap between the jaw's inner and outer skin.
   okay, don't panic.  i save the uv's (thank goodness for this new feature in uvmapper!), go into ray dream and weld the wayward vertices.  oddly enough, the vertices in the croc head are 0.0" apart.  you'd be amazed how two vertices can be in the same point in space but have a huge gap between them!  yeesh!
   the uvmaps went back on, but the materials were lost... okay, not too hard to repair.  the croc head lost it's head/jaw division, so... i just went and re-divided it in uvmapper.  re-caught up with the magmorphs i was making (did i mention yet how much i've grown to love magnets?), did some more, and now i'm pretty much back on course.  DISASTER AVERTED! :)

   also, it's ten days 'til my 'deadline' (June 22)  that gives me two days each to morph the heads, organize everything, write the manual, check everything, correct any/all errors, burn the cd.... and you wonder why the prognosis for meeting the deadline is 'bad'?  (maybe i should change it to 'very bad.' :/  or 'not bloody likely.'  or maybe i'll just change the deadline date!)

update: 0006.02

     I bit the bullet and decided to change the head geometry to make it compatible with Amorphium morphs.  Since I was trashing the head geometry anyway, I also decided to make the eyelids posable instead of using morphs to open/close them.  It works very nicely.... except now 'flying vertices' are killing it!  D'oh!  I think I have it fixed....


update: 0005.22:

    Morphing for the wings is done, and the bodies are steadily getting there.  Prognosis for the head morphs is not so good.  I have all the magnet morphs for the first head done (except I made all the expression morphs symmetrical, when I meant to have independant left and right sides. ::sigh::), and now all the Ray Dream morphs are finished.  Now I am having a terrible time getting the Amorphium morphs done! ARGH!  All other heads are on hold until I find out if this is a structural flaw, and I have to go and change all of them, and re-do all the Round head morphs.  (Lord, I hope not!)


Dragon Factory ©2000 B L Render and 3D Menagerie.  All rights reserved.  
No images may be downloaded from this site, unless otherwise specified.  Thank you.

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