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   Okay, here's a slew of pictures of various developmental stages for this project.  I was going to say they're not really organized... but you know me! I went and organized them; and they're all graphics, so you know the spiel: long load times!   New-- I divided them up into separate pages to cut the load times.  General stuff is still on this page.
 Disclaimer:  Many of these are alpha stage pictures; some don't have their final geometries, and none of them have any 'real' textures.  Read the notes; an * indicates a pre-final mesh.  For finished pics, see the Gallery

     All images are copyrighted; they are not to be copied from this site.  Thank you.

Neck/Tail Curl Tests:

     These are a series of neck and tail bending poses to show how well (or how poorly) they work. The tails are on the left, necks are on the right.  Some poses also have some twist/side-side action on some parts, to keep the limb from crashing into the body.  Also, limits are turned off for these.

Top: bending to arch over the back
Middle: bending down under the belly
Bottom: sideways bending


This is an experiment in the extreme....  I wondered how well Poser could handle a 3-tailed, 5-headed dragon.  Well, things were going along okay in box-tracking and fast-tracking mode (remember those modes?), until this point, when Poser decided it would NOT do anything but outline-cartoon shaded.  Nope, not even outline mode, isn't that less memory intensive?

   Well, keep in mind I only have 64Meg of memory on a Celeron 466.  And the resultant CR2 for this figure was 33.4 Meg.  Yowch!  Still, the average dragon is 2-3 Megs, perhaps up to 6 Megs.

Tiamakhisis uses the #1 Body, #2 Fore and Hind Legs, and 5-Wings.  The only prop on the body is the tail fin.  The extra tails and necks are body part figures in Dragon Factory, there is no need to slice your own.  The Body's chest is X-scaled to accept more necks, which are staggered so the inner ones are higher than the outer ones.  I didn't get to tweak the positioning as much as I wanted, but you can see they will still need some post-production to blend them smoothly.

     The heads are, from left to right: Round, Reptile, Square, Croc, and Snake.  They are the lo-res heads, except for the snake, which I swiped from Sikkanth.  They all have the Universal Tongue Prop and Universal Uppers/Lowers for teeth.  (Those are a basic tooth set that morphs to fit each head.)  They have a buncha props, too, including the hadrosaur headgear, fins, ears, tusks, and yes, that's a triceratops-style helmet on the Reptile head.


    *   I had a Snake head and a long body.  No competition for the Poser Rattlesnake; I was just happy to be able to put them together. :)


*   Test Assembly, Feb 11, 2000.   This is the Body1, Square head, and  #2 Front legs (doubling as hind legs), plus prototype wings stuck on and posed.  Not too impressive to look at, but it does prove the assembly concept is working rather well.

    *   Test Assembly, Mar 09, 2000.  Now the dragon has real hind legs, and real wings (the 1-wings).  All it needs now are some props... teeth might be nice! :)  (Did you say horns?)

    Leg Bending Test.   I'm not very happy with the way Poser crunches joints when you bend them.  This is a pseudo-coloured-and-textured dragon, to see how bad the leg crunching is.  It's not too bad; I've seen worse elbows. ;)  (I can't find my full-body shot of this image; it has transparency on the wings and it looks like a real fake!  Actually, it looks like one of those little plastic animals set up on a table with a fake photo backdrop -- very cheesy, but at least it didn't look like a 3d computer render.)

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