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     Okay, here's a slew of pictures of various developmental stages for this project.  I was going to say they're not really organized... but you know me! I went and organized them; and they're all graphics, so you know the spiel: long load times!   New-- I divided them up into separate pages to cut the load times.  
 Disclaimer:  Many of these are alpha stage pictures; some don't have their final geometries, and none of them have any 'real' textures.  Read the notes; an * indicates a pre-final mesh.  For finished pics, see the Gallery

     All images are copyrighted; they are not to be copied from this site.  Thank you.

Ten Heads:

Dragon Factory comes with six basic heads, but the specifications
call for "more morphs than you can shake
a cat o' 9 lives at."

So here is the Round Head (above)
with 10 variations.






Expression Morphs:

            This is the Croc head, with some lip and brow morphs.  The brow and muzzle wrinkling are done in RDD.  They never come out as nicely as I wish they would.  All the expression morphs come in Left and Right sides for asymmetrical expressions.

    Look!  It's Elvis!   Reptile head with a sneer.  (Actually, with the right focal length, the Reptile head looks a heck of a lot like Gollum from the animated Hobbit movie.)

    Is this a happy dragon or what?  Reptile head with smile morphs, cheek scrunching, eye squinting, and the eye and eyelids posed.

    Okay, it's not a happy dragon, it's schitzo dragon!   Half happy and half depressed. This shot looks more like Gollum.

Old Stuff:

        *   *   Serious weirdness!  The first has the jaw rotated around a few hundred degrees more than is comfortable... I dunno, though it looked kinda freaky that way, so I saved a pic.  The walrus-looking thing is the Round head on some morphs.  Might not look like a dragon, but hey, you can't say it doesn't have variety. :)

    *   More morphs.  The eyes can be sized without messing up their rotation in the eyelids (pretty nifty), and the lips are sporting some phoneme-style morphs.

Dragon Factory ©2000 B L Render and 3D Menagerie.  All rights reserved.  
No images may be downloaded from this site, unless otherwise specified.  Thank you.

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