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   Okay, here's a slew of pictures of various developmental stages for this project.  I was going to say they're not really organized... but you know me! I went and organized them; and they're all graphics, so you know the spiel: long load times!   New-- I divided them up into separate pages to cut the load times.  
 Disclaimer:  Many of these are alpha stage pictures; some don't have their final geometries, and none of them have any 'real' textures.  Read the notes; an * indicates a pre-final mesh.  For finished pics, see the Gallery

     All images are copyrighted; they are not to be copied from this site.  Thank you.


    Front Legs, set 1.

    Hind Legs, set 2.

    Hind Legs, set 3.


        These are tests of the first and second set of hands.  I wanted the hands to have a good repertoire of moves, to do the thumb-crossing-palm thing, fists, the typical dragon claw hand, plus I wanted the thumb to be able to go sorta zygodactyl, for instances where the dragon is standing flat on its hands.  I went through a lot of grief and prototypes for hands, and was about to scrap the whole thing... but I did some similar tests on the Poser hand, and found out mine weren't too bad after all.


          *   These are the 3-wings, in various poses and morphs, as I worked to get the membranes to behave like membranes.  Note: the final wing model has a thumb claw.

    These are the 5-wings.

    These are the 3-wings again, with various morphs on one side.

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