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   Okay, here's a slew of pictures of various developmental stages for this project.  I was going to say they're not really organized... but you know me! I went and organized them; and they're all graphics, so you know the spiel: long load times!   New-- I divided them up into separate pages to cut the load times.
 Disclaimer:  Many of these are alpha stage pictures; some don't have their final geometries, and none of them have any 'real' textures.  Read the notes; an * indicates a pre-final mesh.  For finished pics, see the Gallery

     All images are copyrighted; they are not to be copied from this site.  Thank you.


    *   The hi-res eye, showing the nictating membrane and pupil and eyelid motions and all that good stuff.  Update: well.... since I changed the head geometries, these eyelid morphs are no longer valid.  Instead, all the eyelids are posable, which is a neater solution than four morphs per set of eyelids!

    Yes it's dark.  Spooky!  The dragon was supposed to fly past after breathing fire, but... I had to work on the Project, not play with animations. :)

    The 5-wings in action.  There are no morphs, the struts and membrane are fully posable.

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