Welcome to Dragon Factory, a dragon construction set for Posertm 4+ by E-Frontier (formerly Curious Labs).

Dragon Factory is no longer available.

The online manual and downloads are still here if you need them.

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Dragon Factory is a set of Poser models that can be assembled into thousands of different dragons.  Rather than using the same dragon model in all your work, each piece can have a unique dragon!

  There are four bodies, four sets of front legs, four sets of hind legs, four types of wings, and six heads.  Plus, extra limbs and posable prop parts.  Click to see the Anatomy List.

  Each piece is designed to fit together with others, and adjust for fine-tuned matching.

  The heads have lo-res eyes for long shots, or hi-res eyes -- complete with cornea, morphable pupil, and posable nictitating membranes -- for close ups.  Click to see an animation of the hi-res eyes.

  The heads are fully articulated.  The jaw, eyes, upper and lower lids, and nictitating membranes (on the hi-res heads) are all fully posable.

  Each head also has over fifty sculptural morphs to further customize the shape, and a full complement of expression morphs, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.  Click to see Head Morphs.

  The bodies, legs, and wings also have several sculptural morphs.

  Hands and feet are fully articulated.  Each  finger and thumb has three posable segments; the toes have two, for quicker posing.

  There are 113 props with which to decorate your dragon: horns, teeth, spikes, spines, fins, tongues, and more.  Click to see the Props List.

Dragon Factory is reviewed by Internet Eye Magazine
and receives the prestigious Editor's Choice Award

Read about it here.

Dragon Factory Math:  Thousands of dragons?  Here's how it works:  
     You start out with four bodies (4).  There are four sets of legs.  With only hind legs, you can create wyverns (4), or mix and match front/hind sets (4x4). (We won't get into creating six-legged dragons, or millipedes, or using hind legs as front legs and vice versa and such.)  So four bodies with four hind legs (4x4=16) plus four bodies with mix'n'match legs (4x16=64), equals eighty (16+64=80).  There are four different wing sets (80x4=320), and six different heads (6x320=1920).  That's not quite two thousand, but add in the different sculptural shapes for each head (you can get sixty heads out of six, easy), the various prop accessories, multi-headed and/or multi-legged dragons... I feel confident in truthfully advertising thousands of dragons.

No BS Sales Policy:  I do not support the idea that advertising should exhalt and exaggerate every single good thing about a product while ignoring or hiding flaws.  Instead, I believe the consumer should have all the information about a product and make an informed decision.  If you find it disconcerting to see an advertisement that admits to bad things about its products, then don't visit the Dragon Factory "No 'Business Sense'" page.

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