General FAQs

--- What, Where, When, How can I get Dragon Factory and How Much is it!!??!!  (Not to mention, how long will it take to get here?) 

     Dragon Factory is on CD-ROM and  can be ordered via this page.     It is shipping now!  You can order with a credit card, check, or money order, from any country in the world.   The cost is US$50, plus shipping.  Orders are shipped within one week, and take only a few days in the continental US.  For International orders, it may take up to two weeks to arrive.  Check/Money Order purchases will take longer (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery).
(Hopefully "Why?" is obvious ;) )

--- PC or Mac?

    Yes!  The CD is a PC/Mac hybrid. :)

--- Will it be compatible with Poser 3?

     Dragon Factory is created in and for Poser 4; Poser 3 will not be officially supported.  Aside from the transparent cornea on the hi-res eyes (and the morphs, see below), nothing else is specifically P4-oriented.  However, some of the alpha stage files were tested in P3 and caused a major crash and burn.  I believe I know what the problem was and have fixed it, but do not have a tester brave enough to try it.  Use in P3 at your own risk.  
     The heads have over 99 morphs, which is the limit for Poser 3, and won't even work in Poser 4 without the patch.  You *can* work around this if you use CR2Edit and split the heads into two versions.  One for Sculputral Morphs, one for Expression Morphs.  Once you sculpt the head, export it as a single morph target and import it onto the head with the Expression Morphs.

--- What about Pro Pack and Poser 5?

     Yes, Dragon Factory works fine in all versions above 4.02, including the Pro Pack and P5.


--- Will the dragons have textures?

        I was unable to get bump maps made for each piece.  There are tileable textures for you to use to create your own, but that's it.  Sorry.  It is still possible that some kind soul will make a basic scale bump map for the pieces, and we'll have them for download.

---  Will the dragon eventually have horns?

     Okay, this really is a FAQ from my pre-release Top Secret Project enclave.  Before any props were done, I only had toothless, hornless dragons, so they asked this a lot.  Here is the answer:

  Horns?  Oh yeah, we got horns. :)

---  What are the limitations of use for the figures?  Can I sell figures I make with Dragon Factory?

See also: the Usage & Distribution document.

     1:  Any and all artwork created by you is YOURS.  You can post pics anywhere, sell them, sell prints, make posters, broadcast them on national television, make a blockbuster movie -- anything at all.  You do NOT need to purchase any special "commercial use" license, or pay royalties, or any of that nonsense.  It'd be nice if you could credit Dragon Factory as one of your tools, but not required.

     2:   I expect you to hold the Dragon Factory obj models with all the respect and sanctity you hold for Zygote models.  These may NOT be distributed.  If you want to post the CR2 for other people (who own Dragon Factory) to use, this is fine, of course.

     3:  Now this sucks, because you built this cool dragon model using Dragon Factory, but you can't get any use out of the 3D model -- you can't distribute the objs, you can only make pictures.  Well, that IS the main purpose of Dragon Factory  -- to create a Poser figure for use in art and animation.  It isn't meant to be a modelling tool.  Sorry.
     (I may have a solution for this problem, but it requires further study and tests.  Don't hold your breath.)

--- Can I distribute the cool props that come with Dragon Factory?

     No, don't do that.

--- But what if I use the ram horns on my cool new demon character?  Or the antelope horns on my antelope?  Or the frill on my new lizard?

     Okay, okay!  I won't be anal about the props -- if you put them in a character and distribute the CR2 with them in it, I won't complain.

Contract FAQs

---  What's with this contract stuff?  Other software just has a Usage Agreement or something.

     The End User License Agreement, or EULA, or Usage Agreement etc, IS a contract.  I just choose not to beat around the bush, and call a contract a contract.

---  The contract says if I ever sell or give away Dragon Factory, I have to delete all the 3D files made with it.  But hey!  I made those PZ3's; they're mine!

     Clarification:  if the PZ3s and/or CR2s you have conform to the Acceptable Forms of Distribution, you can of course keep them.  You won't be able to USE them again, without the Dragon Factory models -- though you can archive them or keep them as records of your work.  Naturally, if there are other figures and props in the scene, you can still use those.  Still, if the files contain any Dragon Factory figure geometry, you must either delete the file, or remove the geometry, if you should choose to give up Dragon Factory.

---  What is your problem with the Grouping Tool?  CR2s should be fine to distribute with no problem, shouldn't they?

     Any use of the Grouping Tool causes Poser to embed geometry in the CR2.  Even if you only put one triangle in a group on each body part, you've essentially placed the entire obj information into the CR2. And, as stated in the Acceptable Uses document, distributing all or part of the Dragon Factory meshes is not allowed, in any form, including this method.

Trouble-Shooting FAQs

---  When I try to shrink the head to fit on the body, the eyes bug out and the jaw gets all kinky and weird.

     Don't Scale the "head" body part of the Head figure.  Select the "Body" of the Head figure, and scale that (it scales everything evenly.)

---  The front/hind legs don't fit on the body I want to put them on.

     Select the "body" of the legs figure and scale it up or down; you can also scale the "body" on the y axis (for longer legs), or the x and z axes for thicker legs.  However, to change the spacing between the legs so they straddle the Body figure, select the dummy and x-scale that up or down.  Also remember there are morphs on the shoulders/thighs to help adjust the fit. (Read da manual for further details!)

Dragon Factory ©2000 B L Render and 3D Menagerie.  All rights reserved.  
No images may be downloaded from this site, unless otherwise specified.  Thank you.

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