Welcome to the Dragon Factory Goodie page!  Here you will find fixes for some glitches in the dragons, and soon some other goodies: more props, bump maps, morphs, etc.  If you have a file you want to share here, let me know!

All files are PC side and in zip format, unless otherwise noted.  (Sorry, Mac people, but I can't convert from this side.)

NEW!  September 2001:  Drottweiller textures by Jelisa.


(see the No BS page for details.)

Snake Head Spike Fix
a new and improved Mz-SpkFrnt morph for the jaw.
Templates Fix
correct templates for the legs and other misc things that shipped with the wrong ones.
Texture Fix for Ground-Shaded Props
gets the ground texture off the rhino horn, horse ear, and flat tongue props, while preserving smartness and pairings and whatnots.
Oriflamme 3 Morph Fix
removes the bend left morph and replaces it with the real bend left morph.
Dragon Ear Morph Fix
fixes the right ear's incorrect morph.
Croc Head Morph Fix
fixes the FBM Lp-Smile-R, so it affects the jaw and head; while keeping everything in alphabetical order.
Square Head Morph Fix
fixes the Lp-Snr2-S head morph so it does what it's supposed to do; while keeping all the morphs in alphabetical order.


1-Hand Library Set 1
a starter set of hand poses, specifically designed for the #1 Hands (and Feet). includes: default (zeroed) pose, claw, cupped, fist, and plantigrade.


Drottweiller Dragon Textures by Jelisa
New:   a leathery skin texture for the body, legs, and head; available at Jelisa's page
Remapped Bodies
 cylindrical mapping for the 4 bodies.
Mary Canary's Bump Maps
3 sizes each of scale and rough skin bump maps, by Mary Canary
Mary Canary's Green Textures
3 sizes each of  scaly and rough green skin textures, by Mary Canary
Mary Canary's Sherbet Textures
3 sizes each of scaly and rough rainbow sherbet skin textures... yum! -- by Mary Canary
Mary Canary's Snake Textures
3 sizes each of scaly and rough milk-snake-like skin textures, by Mary Canary
Remapped Legs
all 8 pairs of legs now have cylindrical mapping instead of spherical, so the skin isn't stretched at the ends. Note: when you apply the uvs file and go to save the objs, remember to turn off their write-protection first!
Square Head Bump Map
this is the bump map i made for Scar, without the scar, though.  it is a gif file.

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